What if our collection of wellness teas could be the anchor for how you want to feel and show up throughout your day?

Mornings are for feeling energized, excited, and hopeful for the day. We all want to be productive, alert, clear-headed, and focused. To be able to tackle the tasks and maximize the opportunities of the day.

But some mornings you just feel groggy, sleepy, or lethargic. Sometimes a nightmare or stubborn kids set off a poor mood or brooding thoughts.

Enter BeEnergized Matcha.

With just a small cup, mood, energy, and confidence all lift. The challenges of the morning don’t seem so daunting, Now you’re ready to get busy and take on the world.

You’re feeling good and have a can-do attitude.

As the morning progresses, the craziness starts–your boss drops a pile of paperwork on your already crowded desk or the your child’s school calls with a behavior issues or your technology goes haywire.

You can feel your shoulders tensing, you notice your breath getting shallow, and the worried thoughts begin to suck your energy. Stress!

Time for a cup of BeBalanced Tea.

The warm cup in your hands and that minty fragrance bring you back into your body. As you sip, your shoulders start to relax, the belly expands with deeper breaths. The stress begins to recede.

You’re feeling nourished and back in control, more connected and balanced. You will have the stamina to get through this. A smile passes over your face.

After lunch, you’re back at it. Sort of. Maybe you’re feeling a bit sluggish, a bit peckish, or maybe even stuffed and in a food-coma from eating too much.

BeLight Tea is the answer.

Whether it’s to help you digest lunch or to keep the mid-afternoon munchies at bay, BeLight Tea will help you feel better. As it perks you up, you feel empowered to make a smarter, healthier choice–no need for a candy bar or coffee. (Skipping the afternoon coffee means you’ll sleep better at night, and a better night’s sleep means you’ll feel better and have more energy the next morning. Virtuous cycle.)

Revived, you can think clearly and feel confident prioritizing and getting through what’s still left to be done.

What a productive day! You feel so accomplished. You can get out of the office on-time today and actually make it to that fitness class you’ve been wanting to check out.

All these small acts of self-care build up your confidence, making you feel beautiful, vibrant, and truly connected with yourself and your body. And so, you’re more present at home with yourself during mealtimes, more patient, involved, and loving with your family, and feeling peaceful and happy at the end of the day.

Do you want to feel this way for yourself?

Check out the BeVibrant pack, either the Mini (for 3 days) or the Full size (for 2 weeks).

We encourage you to try out our 3-a-day wellness tea routine for 2 weeks and see how you feel. And to observe what other powerful changes to your heath, weight, energy levels, and outlook manifest during that time. It’s time for you to BeVibrant!

Sip to a Healthier You!