A funny guest post today with some holistic ways to deal with stress.


Every now and then, there comes that one dark phase in everyone’s life where the dreaded monsters of stress and fatigue take over. That moment when the endless pile of fungus gathering dishes in the sink, the impenetrable pile of dirty laundry, seem too insignificant to give a damn, but just blatant enough to throw you into stress-hit dander. It’s only a matter of time before you find yourself in a strait-jacket. Feeling more stressed than relieved? Don’t hyperventilate just yet. Help is right here, armed with an amazingly simple yet surprisingly helpful ways to help you grab stress by its tail and send it right out the window.

1)   Seek help

Cry for it, if you have to; just rope in some help. In hindsight, you will be extremely grateful at your little show of misery. As much as being stressed may mean turning into a precarious volcano, it is also about letting someone who cares about you know that you have a problem you can’t handle. Save your ego and strong feeling of self-reliance for whatever future valiant battles you may have to wage to save the mankind. This one time, let someone know what you’re dealing with. For all you know, a helping hand could be just the solution you’re looking for.

2)   Compartmentalize

Problems look smaller and less intimidating when you break them down into small fragments and analyse each bit individually. Stress is rarely caused by just one factor. It takes its time to build up with the help of a number of causes and triggers, till it appears to you like one giant looming monster. This needs to be dealt step by step, with patience. It is very easy to get distracted. But ask yourself this question- “Do I want to get out of this royal mess or not?” Start by sorting the easiest of jobs. Say, your house is in a complete mess, start by cleaning it up. As impossible to believe as it may seem, the dull monotony of mundane chores has a way of soothing the mind.

3)   Work it out


I can almost hear all the couch potatoes scoff. Happiness and comfort is in food, you say? Talk to me when you’re 100 pounds heavier and nowhere close to a feasible solution. If you haven’t realized so already, a good workout session helps the body to release endorphins- the feel-good hormone. And feel-good is just what you need to bounce back with renewed vigor. A good workout also serves as a good distraction and an excellent outlet to positively channel all your energy. In addition, when you start working out, you start treating your body with newfound respect, irrespective of the stress, which in turn makes you feel extremely good about yourself. And needless to say, a healthy body translates into a healthy mind.

4)   Holiday

Every now and then, it is perfectly okay to leave everything behind and just backpack to a random place on the map. A good break can, in ways more than one, help you gain new insights on old things and most importantly, give perspective. It helps you see more clearly what you have been doing wrong all this while. If a holiday to an exotic destination is a bit too much, don’t fret. Just go visit that dear old long distance friend. As long as there’s change in scenery, anything goes.

5)   Laugh Girl meets bird

When in doubt, failure, sadness or stress, LAUGH. Laughter is that little thing that manages to fade out all the worries. Every now and then you come across something so stupidly hilarious on the internet, or in the papers, it not only threatens to give you six pack abs of laughter, but also manages to help you de-stress, ever so momentarily.

6)   Detoxify

The therapeutic fragrance of aromatic oils, the nimble and effective touch of the spa therapist, the feeling of absolute peace; DO NOT tell me you don’t feel relaxed just by thinking of it. Take a day off, go to a day spa, and let therapy heal, renew and rejuvenate you. Once your body seems relaxed, no problem can be intimidating enough.

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Jim Tandler owns a day spa in Melbourne. He finds a lot of people stressed out due to their hectic lifestyles. A spa session, according to him is the best anitdote to stress. He also writes about various health issues on numerous blogs.