Hello from Long Beach, California! I’m at the World Tea Expo! Today is my first presentation: “Starting a New Tea Business,” and tomorrow morning is my second on “Wellness Teas.” I hope to see you here!

Travel Tea ToolsNow that we’re into May, summer travel season is just around the corner, and I figured since I was already on the road, what better time than now to reveal all my secrets and show you all my tools for having tea while on the road.

Tea Mug

A spill-proof, preferably well-insulated tea mug is a MUST for traveling. That way you can throw it in your bag full and not worry about having tea-stained clothes. If it’s well-insulated, it’ll keep your hot tea hot or iced tea cold for hours. If you like to drink loose leaf tea, one with a built in strainer basket will make straining and clean out a lot easier. If you always drink tea in bags, a good coffee mug will do.

Having your own tea mug allows you to finish your tea on the way to the airport, go through security with an empty container, then find the nearest cafe and ask them to fill it with hot water. Add your own tea and you just saved yourself $3 off the retail price. Bam! My first tea travel secret.

This works for many gas stations during road trips as well.


Duh! Tea is essential to having a nice cuppa while jet-setting. Of course, I bring Belight Tea to maintain my figure and calm my digestion while I’m sampling all the local cuisine along the way. Extra bonus since I can get multiple steeps out
of it and I don’t have to fuss with tea leaves.

When flying, changing climates, not getting enough sleep, touching surfaces many others have handled, spending long days traveling, and having limited access to fresh, high quality food, it’s super easy for the immune system to become weakened and get compromised. That’s why I also try to stash at least a couple bags of herbs for sore throat or cold. With fast access to hot water, I can quickly boost my immune system with one of these herbal infusions and stave off a cold. Boom! Tea travel secret #2.

Did I mention the benefit of individually wrapped tea bags? These are much easier to throw into your bag and not worry about having a pen leak on them, or the sole of a show contaminate the tea, or finding extra clean bags to pack tea in.

Heating Coil

With free hot water available at most cafes and restaurants, you might wonder why a heating coil is necessary. And you’re probably right, it’s becoming extraneous, especially with most hotels having in-room coffee makers. Except, if you’re like me, somewhat of a tea purist who hates coffee, in which case, you abhor tea that has a coffee taste. And at less than $8 for a small, lightweight heating coil on Amazon, why not?

Plus, if you’re in a freezing convention center with ice cold drinking fountains, you’ll want some hot tea. Or, if you’re stuck
at an airport overnight when everything is closed, the heating coil will come in handy to make hot water for a sleepy time

With an insulated tea mug like discussed above, you can easily and safely heat the water directly in your cup.

Other Tools

If you’re a tea and milk or sugar person, get some lightweight, even collapsible heat-safe spoon for stirring from a camping store. Restaurant style packets of sugar or mini creamer cups are the best go-to in this case.

Water Temperature

Getting the water temperature right is probably the most challenging part of steeping tea while on the road. If you’re getting hot water from a restaurant or commercial water boiler, it will be exactly that–boiling. So I always try to fill my mug about one-third or halfway with either cold water or room temperature water before adding the hot. This approximates a better temperature for steeping tea, and allows me to drink my tea sooner (despite my super insulated mug). Yeehaw! Tea Secret #3.


Leave a comment below, and tell us what your essential items are for making tea while traveling and what secrets you have to enjoying good tea on the road.