Strength comes from supporting one other, sharing, learning,
and growing together, and lifting each other up.

Yesterday was “Giving Tuesday,” the day after all the shopping extravaganzas when we’re encouraged to donate to our favorite charitable causes.

supporting womens healthHowever, we here at World Vitae don’t think that supporting causes we care about (like women’s health) should be limited to just once a year. That’s why for every dollar you spend on, we give a percentage back to non-profits working for the betterment of women’s health in developing countries.

When you purchase something from us, not only are you supporting your own health, you’re also helping women in the poorest parts of the world gain better access to health services, which in some cases may be life-saving.

You may wonder whether one purchase or one donation can really do any good. In fact, it’s not really just your spending or just our donations, but the power of collective giving. All around the world people just like you and us donate to bolster women’s access to healthcare.

Believe in the power of one person. Believe in the power of you.

We’ve chosen to support women’s health because not only is that the mission of our business, but we believe in the ability of women to lift each other up, to support their loved ones, to help raise their family and their community out of poverty, and to further this virtuous cycle. But in order for a woman to do this (anywhere in the world), she needs physical and mental health.

Our body is the vehicle by which we carry out our work in this world.

A healthy, cared-for body is your vehicle to be more, do more, love more, live more.

To join us in supporting this effort, shop here, or donate to your own favorite causes. (If you don’t have one, look into Dining For Women or Rise Up.)

To learn more about the causes we support, visit our Giving Back page.

All of the lines here in italics are from our Manifesto and really show our core values and beliefs.

For more inspirational, uplifting, and loving thoughts, download the desktop wallpaper version of the whole Manifesto, to brighten your day whenever you’re sitting at your computer.

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