You probably should get a check-up!

The 4 below tongues are from patients we saw in the clinic the last few weeks. I took this pictures because their internal problems showed vividly on their tongues.

If you look at your tongue in the mirror and it looks like any of these, but you haven’t just eaten something (yogurt, candy, other artificial colors), then you should probably consider going to a traditional Chinese medicine doctor to find out what’s wrong.

White Tongue


Have you ever seen a tongue this white? I can guarantee you, this is not normal.  Also, notice the ridges along the edges, which can indicate a weakness or deficiency in the spleen, stomach, or liver. (As I recall, this patient has IBS or IBD, and this condition typically leads to a white tongue.)



Pale Purple




This tongue is lightly purple relative to healthy tongue.  A purple tongue means poor blood circulation.







This man’s tongue has a deep ridge down the middle.  Sometimes this can be genetic, but here it indicates his poor internal health.




Yellow black coating


This man is a heavy smoker, who goes to bed late, probably eats and drinks too much, and runs his own factory causing him a lot of stress.  The terrible color of his tongue is partly due to smoking which has caused internal heat, but I suspect, in his case, it’s probably made worse by air quality in his factory.



Looking at people’s tongues may seem strange, but it is core to the TCM diagnostic process.


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