It has been a long search to find the right place to study ayurveda in India: asking everyone I knew, searching online, sending out inquiries, evaluating options, getting feedback, and repeat. Plus about 4 days of on-the-ground searching, asking everyone–locals and foreigners–for ayurveda course recommendations.  Some of the (better) results my reserach turned up:

  • Jiva in Faridabad, near Delhi. Recommended by a personal friend in the US. Offers 1-3 week training courses, online consultation, herbal pharmacy
  • Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Institute, Thodupuzha, Kerala. Offers customizable training course, live-in ayurvedic treatment center.
  • Maya Shakti, Trivandrum, Kerala. Niika comes highly recommended as a gifted healer. Please note they have fixed dates for ayurvedic training courses.

In Varkala, southern Kerala:

  • For training or treatments: S.M. Ayurveda Panchakarma and Yoga Therapy Center, Dr. Abin S.R. (+91) 9446197070 smayurveda{at} Doctor seems legit, honest. He is less sales-oriented and more client-oriented than many nearby places (if you’ve been to India, you know what I mean). A German lady told me her friends were quite satisfied with his teaching, but primary focus is curative not training.
  • For diagnosis and treatments: Kairali Ayurveda Vaidhya Madom, (+91) 0470 3264660, kairalivaidhyamadom{at} Entire family of ayurvedic doctors who seem very competent. Good at diagnosis. Highly recommended.
  • For training: Scientif School of Yoga, Naturopathy, & Ayurveda Hospital, (+91) 0470 3206294, ssynayurveda{at}
  • For cheap ayurveda massage along Varkala cliff: Nandavanam Panchakarma Centre, 9895367036, cmbeachresort{at} 60 minute general body massage is 300IRP

Sri Lanka:

And finally, my ayurvedic home for the next 1-2 months:

  • Greens Ayur Center, middle-of-nowhere, northern Kerala, India.  Different training programs available, and they are very flexible with the content within the schedule.  Available to start any Monday. For individuals, classes are likely 1-on-1, including theory and practical. Full room and board included in the price. Lead doctor is considered a great healer among the local people. The staff are incredibly hospitable and accommodating. More in upcoming posts.