Fascinating guest post infographic on the healthiest people in the world based on infant mortality rate and longevity.

Life expectancy is an interesting consideration, but finding keys to longer life may be better considered by simple observation of statistics. For example, the five nations with the longest life expectancies include Iceland, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand and Finland. While three of these countries are located near each other, the other two are on different continents with very different cultures. Mapping the countries, however, allows you to see that all five are bordered by a significant amount of water. In fact, some of these nations depend heavily on the ocean for food. Japan is the largest fish consumer of the world.

Examining the habits of people who have lived well beyond the 100 year mark also provides perspective. The world’s oldest man is Japanese and eats a modest diet. The world’s oldest woman is from the United States and doesn’t eat junk food. It’s reasonable to conclude that what you eat can make a big difference in your expected lifespan.

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