Yesterday I was interviewed by Tracy McDonald on her radio show “Power Hour” for the Life Purpose Radio internet station. We started with the toxins in our environment, GMOs, nutrition and eating right. Then looked at why stress causes us so many problems.

And in the second half of the interview we moved on to the happier part, outlining my 5 principles to a healthier, happier life. Unfortunately, this section got a bit rushed.

Overall, it was a great discussion. And we even managed to answer a listener’s question on-air, so hopefully people got something out of it.

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Hop on and listen. I’d love to hear feedback: what you liked, didn’t like, anything that didn’t make sense or you have questions on. I’m especially interested to know if the 5 principles to a healthier happier life speak to you. Are those correctly delineated? How might I shift them around?

Go listen and leave comments below!  Thanks. Smiles and gratitude.