Have you ever thought about how what you eat affects your skin? Or what about the strength of your nails? I guess you’ve definitely thought about how much you sleep shows on your face: panda eyes (dark under eye circles), sallow skin, listlessness. Could an underlying condition be causing the abnormalities on your skin?

Recently I’ve become very interested and intrigued by the overlapping and inter-influencing of health and beauty, specifically the external manifestations of health and possibility of simultaneous improvement. I’m amazed by how improving and adjusting internal health can clear up the skin, improve the figure, strengthen the nails, brighten the face, and generate more personal glow.

In traditional Chinese medicine, one of the central diagnostics techniques is ‘looking.’ Looking includes observing the face, skin, hair, nails, eyes, mannerisms, gait, figure, energy, and interactions of the patient. Specifically looking at the face we may see liver spots, acne, yellow color, asymmetry or facial paralysis, blood shot eyes, or other abnormalities and we use these to guide diagnosis.  Using facial observation we can make a better diagnosis and thus choose a better treatment.  In doing so and when addressing the underlying condition, the skin clears up as well.

This is so true that many Chinese medicine hospitals in China even have a Beauty Ward; in some places this covers an entire floor or occupies a separate wing (so you can imagine the demand!). Some reasons why people go to the beauty section of the hospitals include:

In the last few weeks attending the skin care clinic, we’ve seen some very good results using Chinese herbs to improve skin conditions.  In fact, I’m working on lightening some dark chloasma-type areas on my own face.  We’ve also had lectures and seen acupuncture used in clinic for acne, weight loss, loose skin, and seen some facials performed for acne and associated scars. (Watch video on youtube).

I suffered from melasma for 3 years, and tried everything from Chinese medicine to Ayurveda, but those barely touched the symptoms. Finally, after trying everything, I found something that erased the discoloration to clear the dark patches.

This amazing formula addresses the underlying hormonal imbalance (yes, it is caused by hormones + sun exposure, sun exposure alone is not the cause–why do you think pregnant women get it?). Not only does it prevent further skin pigmentation, but more importantly it erased the dark spots.

Brighter, tighter, glowing skin!

I’m so happy for this discovery–I can go out and be confident without  a full coverage of makeup. Find out how you can get brighter skin, too!

One of the graduate students in our skin clinic is preparing to be a total TCM beauty doctor using everything from acupuncture to herbs, foods, and facials to improve the appearance of patients. She mentioned a few things to me so those and some other interesting or successful cases, I’ll talk about in the future.  And also things you can eat or do at home to improve your own look. In the meantime, here’s a post a Colorado-based acupuncturist wrote: 16 TCM Secrets to Beauty (which really aren’t secrets at all.)

And let me tell you all this stuff is far more natural (and safe) than the Korean-style extreme plastic surgery.