Everywhere you go, every diet, weight loss, slimming, or similar program says

“with sensible diet and moderate exercise.”

running for weight lossWhat if it’s possible to lose weight by changes in diet alone?

First, the good news for those who hate exercising: In fact, it is!

A number of research studies have examined this.  One such study found that reduced energy intake alone (ie less calories) produced a loss of 7.8kg, while the exercise group lost 4.6kg. A second study found that diet changes and exercise produced roughly equal weight loss of 7.5kg.

To get a broader sample, let’s look at a meta analysis, which complied and summarized the results of all such comparison studies over 25 years: dieters lost 10.7kg, while exercisers lost 2.9kg.

Now, the bad news for the exercise haters, that meta analysis showed that diet + exercise produced the greatest weight loss (11kg), and, more importantly, had the bet chance of maintaining that most of that loss (8.6kg) over the following year.

healthy vegetablesSo there you have it, folks, YES! It is possible to lose weight without exercise.  But your lost tonnage will be more significant and easier to keep off if you include exercise.

Health and nutrition ‘gurus’ frequently argue the 80-20 principle: 80% of weight loss is diet and 20% is exercise.  So choose your battles, and choose them wisely.

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