Jamu, the herbal tonic of Indonesia, is a widely used home remedy on the islands of Java and Bali. Families will go and grab fresh ingredients out of their garden and then boil up the herbal drink as a general health tonic or for specific aches and pains.

Earlier I wrote out the recipe for Jamu for menstrual cramps, which can also be used as the base formula for making these ailment-specific formulas.

Following the Jamu recipe, for any of these conditions, make the necessary modifications:

  • Constipation — Add Graptophyllum pictum leaf
  • Diarrhea — Add Guava leaf
  • Skin allergies — Add Neem leaf
  • Muscle/back pain — Add Cloves and Ginger
  • Menstruation pain — Use more Tamarind and Betel Nut leaf
  • Too much bleeding during menstruation — No turmeric
  • Female white discharge — Betel Pepper leaf
  • To restore muscle elasticity, such as after childbirth — from the Curcuma family: Bosenbergia rotunda

To me it is incredibly fascinating that such simple variations of a main herbal formula can be applied in so many varying cases. And that all of these conditions can be helped naturally with homemade remedies from plants in a typical Balinese family garden. Wouldn’t we all love to be able to cure our muscle and back pain with a simple (all natural) drink found in our garden! And it my opinion, it tastes good too!

Do you have any experience making ginger or turmeric-based health drinks?