Ayurveda, TCM, products and supplementsHow much money do you spend on beauty and skincare products? Do you have drawers and cabinets full of lotions, potions, gels, and creams, half used, mostly used, or unopened?

What if you could buy one, very affordable, multipurpose, all natural product that would work for most of your beauty routine and take care of most of your skincare needs, would that interest you?


Yes, the same thing you cook with, that’s good for keto-adapting and bulletproof coffee, and that 60’s sunbathers slathered on their skin.

Coconut oil is very affordable; at less than $0.60 an ounce on Amazon, it is far cheaper than commercial beauty products.

CoconutIt is definitely all natural.  It has only one ingredient and that doesn’t require a masters in chemistry to pronounce. It is pressed from fresh coconuts, usually organically grown on pristine beaches in Southeast Asia.  Sounds a lot better than being concocted in a lab, don’t you think?

Perhaps most importantly, it is multipurpose.  It can be used as makeup remover–keep those scary chemicals away from your eyes, lips, and nose.
It makes a great moisturizer to rub on your hands, face, legs, and all over.  You can just wipe any excess off with the back of your arm and then rub it in. By the way, did I mention it reduces the redness of inflamed skin, or popped pimples? It has antibacterial properties, meaning, you might actually breakout less using coconut oil as your daily moisturizer.

Because it softens and liquefies with body temperature, it also makes a good massage oil (and is so commonly used in Ayurveda). Don’t worry if you have broken skin or open cuts, it has inherent anti-septic properties to help prevent wounds from getting infected.

Coconut OilThose 60’s sunbathers knew something: coconut oil has a natural SPF of about 4, making it sufficient for most people’s limited exposure to the sun, especially in winter or polar latitudes. For going around the city, in and out of shade, I often rely solely on coconut oil for my sun protection.

Coconut oil is also the ideal oil for oil pulling–a much better way to kill germs and clean your mouth than with commercial, alcohol-based mouthwash. You can even make toothpaste with it, by mixing baking soda and mint essential oil into a little bit of coconut oil.

Get the chemicals off your skin. Stop wasting money by buying so many different types of expensive beauty products.  All you need is coconut oil.

You can thank me later. 😉