With the year drawing to a close, it seems to inevitably be a time for reflection.

For many that reflection comes from the mirror. The reply is, how did I gain this much holiday weight?!?

Jan1Perhaps you too, have thought, ‘in 2014 I will get in shape, I’ll lose weight, I finally shed the last 10 lbs.’

The New Year is undeniably a time when people want to make a change. I, for one, am encouraged by the fact that there are so many varieties of options out there to help Americans change.


Because no single thing works for everyone. We’re all different with unique body chemistry, habits, triggers, dietary preferences, and stressors.

What I do know, from my own experience, and from customer feedback, is that Belight Tea helps you achieve your health and weight goals in whatever program you pursue.

Recently, I had a customer tell me how grateful he is to have found Belight, because it keeps him from snacking and helps lower his stress level, such that he’s lost 3-4 pant sizes!! Another lady told me that by drinking Belight she didn’t cave to her chocolate craving.

For you, who’ve sent me feedback about how Belight has helped you, I salute you and I’m grateful to hear your stories.

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A Comprehensive Program for Your Success

If you’re considering options for the right weight management program in 2014, or maybe you just feel like a detox, I’d encourage you to look at the Orenda Clean Burn Shape. This offers detoxification, nutritional makeover, and blood sugar modulating for a very well-rounded approach to a healthy body.

Check it out. If it makes sense for you, click “Get Started” to order online–you can tell them World Vitae sent you. Or contact us.

On a Personal NoteEvent_Outdoor_Cropped

In addition to the standard end-of-the-year reflections, for me next month is even more significant: I’ll be entering the next decade of life.

This gives me added pause to reflect on whether my life path serves me and the greater good.

Expect that you’ll be hearing and seeing more of me (and Belight and World Vitae) as I seek to reach more people with my message to help awaken innate vitality and inner glow.

What’s Coming Up for Belight

As I mentioned, many things are in the works. Keep an eye out for upcoming messages sharing developments in boxes, blends, and borders.

With that, I wish you a very merry New Year’s and all the best for your wellness and living your greatest life in 2014!


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