Herbs offer medicinal properties, taste profile, and stimulative effects very distinct from tea. Each different herb has its own medicinal or wellness value, whether to increase memory, strengthen vigor, to calm, or any other manner of effect.

Herbs may mute some of the flavors of tea, or may complement and enhance them; they can add sweetness, bitterness, earthiness, sharpness and more to the taste.

Some herbs maybe be more stimulating than tea, like guarana, mate, or kola, or they can be calming, and more sedative than tea.

When blending tea and herbs, we have to keep these many factors in mind, while also honoring the powerful combinations we can create.

With that, here is why I love Belight for its blend of tea and herbs:


Relaxing over teaUpon first drinking (some types of) pu-erh, some people may feel pu-erh tastes too ‘dirty’ or acrid.  Likewise, some herbs can be especially bitter, and overwhelming to the taste buds.

By carefully selecting both the pu-erh and the herbs in Belight Tea, we’ve softened the earthiness of pu-erh tea, added a bit of nuttiness from the seeds, and just hinted at sweetness with gynostemma and hawthorn. Furthermore, we’ve muted all the flavors just slightly by combining 5 herbs and tea, all with their own distinct taste profile, so as not to place too much emphasis on any one taste.


By adding herbs to the tea, we soften the tendency of tea toward bitterness, with a natural hint of herbal sweetness. This means Belight can be drunk plain, without adding sugar, thus keeping it at 0 calories.

More Centering

Perhaps not the phrase you’d tend to associate with a beverage, but blending herbs into tea reduces the caffeine-effect of the tea, allowing for a more centering and grounding effect.  For example, a 2-gram tea serving has twice as much caffeine as a 2-gram serving that is half tea and half herbs. With Bellight, therefore, we have a lower caffeine content.

Belight loveSimultaneously, including tea in an herbal blend benefits from L-Theanine, which can increase clarity, focus, and memory.

Gynostemma, the adaptogenic herb in Belight, also helps to restore balance and harmony by reducing the effects of stress, increasing centering and grounding.

Reduced Caffeine

Sometimes, particularly late in the day, I don’t want a full cup of caffeinated tea, and but yet I want something more supportive to focus and energy than simply an herbal infusion.  Belight is perfect in this regard for its reduced caffeine content, making it the ideal afternoon tea.

Wellness Benefits

While tea has tremendous benefits to wellness on its own, we can both broaden and enhance those benefits by combining tea with herbs. Tea is appreciated for its antioxidant properties, and pu-erh is highly regarded for its effects on digestion and weight control.

look_good_swimsuitThe herbs selected for Belight help to magnify Pu-erh tea’s inherent digestive and weight control benefits, while also supporting cardiovascular and metabolic health, and reducing the effects of stress.

Weight Loss

Pu-erh, already recognized for its ability to support weight control, benefits from the carefully chosen herbs in Belight Tea, which work through different pathways and mechanisms than tea to aid weight management. This diverse herbal approach can help different individuals with unique metabolic starting points find their own path to weight control, whether that’s through experiencing appetite regulating effects, curbing cravings for carbohydrates, or the improved metabolism of lipids.


Pu-erh Tea eases digestion through its own mechanisms, and Belight’s herbs like lotus and hawthorn aid digestive and metabolic function helping to relieve indigestion. Hemp and cassia seeds support the process by easing defecation. They all work synergistically to let digestion be smoother and more comfortable.


When combined together, tea and herbs complement and balance, diversify and strengthen, enhance and broaden the taste, effects, and drinking experience.  All of this creates a very soothing, appealing, easy-to-drink, good-for-you wellness tea.  And that’s why I love Belight!!

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