Tea is awesome! There are so many reasons to love Camellia sinensis tea, and even more to love Pu-erh as the foundation of the Belight Tea blend.

Belight loveIn next few posts, I’ll expand on why Belight Tea is such a fantastic product–from the benefits of tea, to the properties of the herbs, and finally why everything works so well together.

The first ingredient in Belight Tea is Pu-erh, a specialty tea that is only produced (authentically) in Yunnan province in China. It goes through an extended production process, in which it is fermented, creating novel characteristics that distinguish it from other teas.

Read on to find out why that matters and how it enhances pu-erh.

Here are the reasons I love the tea in Belight:


Pu-erh tea setTea has many active components, that can be considered beneficial to the human body:

  • Antioxidants / Catechins / Polyphenols (including the most well-known: EGCG),
  • Gallic Acid (anti-cancer, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties),
  • Quercetin (acts an antihistamine),
  • Theabrownin (studies show it may lower LDL, total cholesterol, and triglycerides), and
  • L-Theanine.


Puerh Tea CakeWhile tea in general is a wonderful beverage, pu-erh specifically has many unique characteristics that make it even more appealing, including it is notably high in Gallic Acid & Theabrownin.

In terms of taste, pu-erh works so well in the Belight Tea blend because it has a complexity of flavor that is sometimes lacking in other teas, yet lacks bitterness. It has an earthiness that’s grounding and that balances out either the bitterness or sweetness of the herbs in Belight.

Pu-erh is also good for digestion, helps to clear dietary fats, and is commonly used to prevent or reduce hangovers.

Weight loss

Research into the bodily effects of tea drinking shows it can increase resting metabolic rate, works together with exercise to reduce belly fat, and increases fat utilization for energy. Additionally, pu-erh is commonly drunk by Chinese ladies as a way to keep slim


Pu-erh tea is unique among teas in its ability to aid digestion, presumably due to the fermentation process. Traditional Chinese Medicine has long recommended drinking Pu-erh after fatty meals as a digestive aid. Personally, Pu-erh (and Belight) is my go-to for digestion after a heavy meal.


Tea has caffeine (though much less than coffee), which has been shown to increase resting metabolic rate. It also provides a lift to energy, mood, and alertness, oft sought after in the morning or mid-afternoon time.


That’s why I love having Camellia sinensis tea in the Belight Tea blend: far more benefits, unique characteristics, and health-promoting properties when using tea to create a wellness blend than can be achieved with herbs alone.

In health!