Hypertension means high blood pressure. And it is an increasingly common phenomenon in the US, and in many western countries where people consume a very rich diet, and have too much stress and anxiety, but are overall living longer.

Reducing high blood pressure requires significant dietary changes, as well as lifestyle changes, and often even prescription medication.  While there are many functional foods that can help reduce hypertension, in this post we’ll use tuina, TCM medical massage, to lower high blood pressure.

The Movement: 推法 Tuifa means pushing in 1 direction.  In this application, use the thumb pad pressed flat on the skin and apply pressure in a singular direction.  For hypertension, you’ll need to have someone else do this movement for you; it’s too tiring to do it on yourself.

The Process: Start behind the ear and find the strong muscle running from behind the ear down to the clavicle (qiao gong xue). Slide the  thumb along this muscle all the way from the top behind the ear down to the clavicle.  Continue with 100 strokes all in the same direction, then do the other side.  It can be done directly on the skin, on the skin using ointment, or over a cloth.  After a few strokes, I think you’ll find the skin sticks too much to not use a cloth or ointment. Many people find this tuina technique rather uncomfortable.

Warning: Avoid using this tuina application on anyone over 45 as it can break up blood clots, which can then flow to the brain and get caught, causing a stroke.

So before you jump on the meds, which really only work on the symptoms instead of the root causes, try this tuina technique along with a change in lifestyle and diet.