Guest post today on the importance of recognizing and listening to the body, and how massage and fitness help in that end. Great concept and reminder as people are so often disconnected.

Thai MassageIs your body invisible? Are you out of touch with it?

We spend so much time on things that grabs our attention and we forget about the body.

Just like our mind needs activity, our body needs physical care. It suffers because of many distractions people have today – social media, email, surfing the web, TV, radio, phone calls, texts, a car driving past, people talking, music, and thoughts popping up.

However, because you are distracted and diverted, or perhaps emotionally caught up, you may ignore the signals your body sends you.

Naturally your body doesn’t have the ability to leave a note on the fridge or gently whisper in your ear – so it uses the medium of pain and discomfort to signal discontent.

Aching backs, stiff necks, headaches, and upset tummies are all methods at the body’s disposal to try and grab your attention.

  • Treat your mind and body equally
  • Create a balance between your body and mind.
  • Understand the signals your body sends. This will guide you to balance, happiness, and health.
  • Listen to your body

I’ve realized that body care treatments and physical exercises can tell you a lot about your body. Here is my experience:

1. Massage

When I have a massage, I’m following my body sensations. I’m looking for signals where my body gets most pleasure or feels tender. I find the most relaxation when my back and hands are being worked on. But this is not the best part…

I enjoy that after-massage time. It’s when the body is so heavy that you hardly can move. You feel no stress, no tension. You breathe slowly. No thoughts disturb your peace.

2. Workouts

When I do physical exercises, I concentrate on doing the exercises correctly. I learn the technique paying attention to how my body reacts to certain moves. If I feel pain that means I’m doing something wrong.

When the training is over I enjoy the same feeling of a heavy body. I absolutely love that feeling of tired muscles. I can’t explain why. It just feels right.

What does it mean for you?

Your body can tell you more about your health than any health blog or book. You just have to learn how to recognize the “Morse Code” of your body. You can learn it by actually doing exercises and body care treatments.

You than can balance your body and mind. This will improve your emotional and physical health.

At this point all the problems disappear. They spontaneously dissolve in this new balance. You see a change in your life.

I bet you want that, right?

Healthy spirit in a healthy body

If you want to live in harmony you can’t just stand there and wait the way a cripple waits for food stamps to arrive in the mail.

Let’s be honest. Your body is your health. Take care of it now and so benefit in the future.

That means practicing yoga, running, improving flexibility or any other kind of physical exercise. Make it your way of living.

It’s certainly not easy. And you will want to quit. But don’t give up!

Your health and harmony is not about how you feel right here, right now. It’s about living this way of life. It’s about inspiring others by being an example for them.

Keep it up.

Your body is counting on you.

Authors bio: Ion Doaga is the owner of Massage Dreams where he writes about the need to care for our body and the benefits of thai yoga massage.