Today I had lunch with blogger extraordinaire, entrepreneur coach, and healthcare futurist Francine Hardaway.  In our lively discussion she enthusiastically voiced support for the theme of this blog Traditional Health of the East made Relevant for the West, explaining that she thought more and more people would look to self-directed healthcare and Eastern medicine to treat chronic conditions and avoid the side effects of drugs. She expected the interest in Traditional Medicine to increase significantly as people were being forced to pay for their own treatment and care while failing to see results with allopathic medicine.  She also noted that already she sensed there has been increasing interest in Oriental medicine and that I’m doing well by joining now.

Many of these same sentiments were echoed in my meeting with the TCM doctor earlier this week.  He commented how he had more than a full practice and was trying to cut back on hours to preserve his own sanity.  His advice to his own daughter is to study TCM and become a practitioner in the US.

He did mention that he receives a number of calls from people asking about the applications of acupuncture, the price, and the pain level, followed by ‘thanks I’ll think about it and call back.’  His opinion is that while the population is slowly starting to shift, many still aren’t comfortable with the idea of acupuncture.  Francine expressed this a different way, noting that Europe is significantly ahead of the US in terms of alternative care, forms of treatment, and willingness to use homeopathic remedies.

Europe has been far ahead of the US in the adoption curve of medicine that pushes the envelope or is less than mainstream.  This is even reflected in this article in the China Daily: More european students are returning home to unleash their traditional Chinese medical skills.

I just hope everyone is right and that Americans are looking to more ways to manage their own health and considering including some Oriental Medicine…