Constipation, defined as having fewer than 3 bowel movements per week, is more common than most are willing to admit. Are you suffering too? Read this to learn the all natural solution–no pills, no drinks necessary.

Constipation is typically the result of SAD-Standard American Diet: devoid of fibre, deficient in fruits and vegetables, and compounded by dehydration. The first and most important thing to do is change your diet and drink more water. But that’s not what today’s post is about.

Here are the 3 super simple all-natural steps to ease constipation:

  1. Abdomen Massage
  2. Drink Water
  3. Acupoint Rub

Abdomen Massage

Before going to bed for the night, put a full 8-oz (or more) glass of water next to your bed. When you lay in bed for the night, before going to sleep, massage your abdomen. ¬†Follow the direction of your large intestine: start on your lower right (close to the pubic bone), move straight up the right side, just below the level of the ribs go across to the left , then go down the left side toward the pubic bone (see featured image). Do this as many times as you feel comfortable–perhaps more for more intense and prolonged constipation; less times and less pressure for more sensitive and responsive stomach. Don’t expect or force anything to happen now. This is just a gentle guiding reminder for your digestive track. (Read more constipation massage techniques.)

Drink Water

Remember that glass of water you put next to your bed? When the alarm goes off in the morning, before you move or get out of bed (even before going to the bathroom) drink the whole glass! At least 8oz! Then you can move around, going about your morning routine.

Bonus: if you have a partner or roommate who gets up before you, ask them to bring you a glass of WARM water just before your wake up time. Warm water speeds up and moistens the intestines even better than cold or room temp water. However, if it means getting it ready yourself, start with the water next to your bed first and then drink warm water for your next glass.

Acupoint Rub

Relieving Constipation PointThroughout the day, periodically rub the Acupoint found on your thumb-forefinger webbing. To find the point, spread your index finger and thumb, then place the joint of your opposite thumb along the webbing, and bend the thumb over. Just in front of the tip of your thumb toward the bone is the point.¬†It should be next to the index finger bone or a vein. And most importantly it should be sore! That’s how you know you’ve found the right point. Rub that point using any finger or the back end of a pen or any other dull object periodically throughout the day. This will help to loosen the bowels.

There you have it! All natural combination for relieving constipation. And only 3 steps makes it super easy to remember and actually do!

Note: For those with chronic constipation existing already for years, that is a more serious condition that while may be alleviated with these techniques, won’t be totally remedied. Please see a traditional Chinese medicine doctor for herbs or acupuncture for the underlying condition.