So here’s my very brief report.

(1) Grains and carbohydrates are hidden in many everyday foods!  Everything from meatballs to chicken dishes to sauces use small amounts of flour, sugar, corn starch, or bread crumbs. They’re lurking in everything! Which makes it very, very difficult to fully and totally avoid these things. So in that regard, you could say I already failed. But I’m going to push on trying to be more preemptively conscientious and consider the small amounts this past week a food-study experiment.

Recognizing that there are hidden carb-triggers in so much of what we eat, helps me realize why so many people are literally addicted to carbs.  And unfortunately lots of people don’t realize that eating any kinds of carbs set off cravings for even more increasingly sweeter satisfaction. I certainly had this experience in Bali, where sugar was hidden in all foods. Now realizing this, it’s clear why diets like Dukan, Paleo, Low-GI are so popular and so successful, when people can actually eliminate the hidden carbs.

(2) Fruits, fresh and dried, and even unsweetened juice contain a lot more sugar than I expected. Unless combined with, or followed by, protein, non-sweetened fruit-based products can easily start the blood sugar roller coaster.  My resolution: cut back even more on the fruits and juices. The high sugar content of fruit was also mentioned as a stimulant in the Dukan and Paleo diets.

(3) Though I told myself I’m limited to 4 alcoholic drinks per week, when I actually started counting, it is really closer to 6-9.  There should be a iPhone app that you setup your maximum indulgences per week and then you record each time you  have one. Once you hit your maximum, the app would remind you (through a push notification) once per day or once per 6 hours that you’ve hit your limit. That would be helpful.

(4) Limiting the fats, especially the nuts, was easier than I expected.  Rock on!

To summarize: less fruit, and keep a more watchful eye out for grains mixing with meat.

How did you do?

On to week 2!