These are the next few books on my health, alternative medicine, fad diet and related reading list. Some have been recommended to me, others have just been in the news so much, and yet others were recommended on blogs I read.

Nutrition / Diet

  • Digestive Wellness by Elizabeth Lipiski.
  • Eat Right for your type – The blood type diet book, explaining what meal plan is best based on whether you’re O, A, B or AB.
  • Primal Blueprint – So new, it’s not even in the library yet, this is a guide to the paleo diet and lifestyle by Mark of

Chinese Medicine

  • The Web that has no Weaver – By Ted Capcheck, this book is a primer on TCM and required reading for all US students of Chinese medicine.
  • Between Heaven and Earth – Similar to above, about the development of TCM.

Ayurveda / Yoga

  • Eastern body, Western mind: psychology and the chakra system as a path to the self by Anodea Judith

Pop Health

  • 4 Hour Body – By Tim Ferris, this book hit the NYTimes best seller list almost immediately on its release; it advocates the slow carb diet, a cheat day, and teaches small key tricks to enhance performance.

What’s on your short reading list? Or what am I missing?