Perhaps it’s a surprise that someone (me, hehe) who advocates for such a natural approach to health takes supplements and uses products. Then again, perhaps not… How else can I stay healthy, in great shape and form, and never get sick such that I can avoid taking OTC pills, prescription drugs, needing surgery or anything else?


Supplement – Orenda Immune and/or Orenda All-in-One: This is what keeps my immune system balanced and optimized. And why I haven’t had so much as a cold in 8 months! The AIO can also act as a multivitamin, rounding out DVs of minerals, B vitamins, Vitamin D, etc, plus herbs for more energy, better mental clarity, and optimal hormonal levels. Get more info

Supplement Orenda O-tropin: Pituitary support that has done wonders for my hormonal system, eliminated the skin pigmentation, curbed sugar cravings, and is an anti-aging powerhouse. I can’t say enough about how fabulous this product is when taken consistently. Email me for more details. :p

Ayurveda – Toothpaste: We all use toothpaste everyday, right? Well mine just happens to come from the Indian company Himalaya Healthcare, which uses Ayurvedic herbs to make their products.

Ayurveda – SPF 15: Amazing moisturizer with sun protection, again from Himalaya Herbal and one of only 2 I’ve found that doesn’t make my skin breakout. And to prevent further risk of melasma, I wear SPF on my face religiously (but not my body–gotta get that Vitamin D).

Ayurveda – Eye cream. Natural eye cream made from Indian herbs at a tenth (or less) the price of standard eye creams.

Supplement – Fish Oils. Omega 3s, EFA, need I say more?


Weekly to occasionally–

Supplement Orenda Eaze: Probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes does a digestive system good.

Ayurveda Triphala: Also in the digestive category, recommended by Ayurveda as a once a week purgative (though I prefer less often) or for treating AMA (buildup of toxins).

Ayurveda Nasya Oil: Used nearly daily for keeping the inside of the nostrils moist (especially necessary in AZ!) or as an OTC alternative for headache relief.

TCM – Ear needles: Understanding the ear as a microcosm of the body, various points can be targeted to relieve insomnia, stress, anxiety, reduce appetite, increase blood flow, offer pain relief, improve Qi and thus functioning of the organs, etc. If you buy tea, I’ll include some in your box for free and show you the appetite control points 😛

TCM – Cupping: Easy at home way to release Qi stagnation, blood stasis, unblock meridians, encourage circulation of lymph and increase immune function without the dangers of needles. And a very vane purpose, to breakup cellulite.

Of course I used other ‘normal’ products, shampoo, face wash etc, but I skipped those because they are, just that, normal.

Interested in any of these products? Contact me and I’ll let you know where they’re available. Or for the Ayurveda products, check my ecommerce store.