Pu-erh – In the spotlight – Dr. Oz Show  – “Best Teas”

Dr. Oz had special guest, expert on holistic and natural medicine, Bryce Wylde on the show to talk about the “best teas for weight loss” and optimal time of day to drink them.

They liked Pu’er for its active compound Gallic Acid and enzyme-activating activity which may contribute to the shrinking of fat cells. They recommended drinking Pu’er in the morning, without sugar or milk to better enjoy its smooth flavor.

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Doctor Oz calls [Pu-erh] tea “one of the easiest and most natural ways to lose weight.”  Now that’s a strong endorsement!

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All implied weight loss claims are those of Dr. Oz and Bryce Wylde. Video clip excerpted from the Dr. Oz website. All Rights Reserved–Property of the Dr. Oz Show.

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