weight_loss_tapePu-erh tea is well-known and commonly used by the Chinese to aid in weight loss. Increasingly, people from all over the world are catching onto its benefits and beginning to use pu-erh for weight loss. (Pu-erh can also be spelled puerh and pu’er.)

Pu-erh tea, after picking and partial sun drying, is then allowed to start a fermentation process. This fermentation is one factor that makes Puerh so unique and is believed to be one of the main ways it aids in weight loss.

When should I drink pu-erh if I want to lose weight?

Pu-erh tea setPu-erh is renown for its special ability to help people burn fat and lose weight. Drinking this tea at the right time of the day is important to help lose that weight. It has been said that you should drink this tea about an hour after a meal. This will help reduce the amount of fats that are retained and stored and also help digest hard fats.

Rumor has it that pu-erh should not be drunk before eating, suggesting that would have the reverse effects and cause weight gain instead of loss. However, the research does not support that rumor.

Ideally, besides following a healthy diet, getting some feel-good exercise, to lose the most amount of weight in the shortest amount of time, you should drink this tea plain. This means avoiding any forms of liquid sugar and liquid calories; no caloric drinks during your diet. If you can do this, your weight loss efforts will be more significant.

Will pu-erh make you hungrier?

Puerh Tea CakeSome people who drink pu-erh complain of feeling hungry after drinking it. This point is hotly debated among puerh and Belight Tea enthusiasts, many of whom claim it reduces appetite and curbs cravings.

The hunger feeling may occur because of the effect of pu-erh increasing your digestion and metabolic rate; this in turn makes it easier to lose weight. Some foods digest faster than others. If you feel hungry after drinking puerh every time, then you may want to increase your intake of healthy fats, such as Omega-3s, or coconut oil, olive oil and avocados and their oil. This will slow the digestion rate and aid in the satiety feeling.

Pu-erh is a great tea to consume when you want to lose weight and you’re following a pound-shedding diet. It helps you digest your foods easily and faster creating a unique effect that complements you on your weight loss journey.

Replacing liquid calories in your diet with this tea is the easiest way to notice weight loss. Do not try to lose weight too fast; keep it sustainable and you will be good. About one pound a week is healthy.

Good luck!

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