A friend suggested I encourage readers to send in questions and I answer them here on the blog. So if you have any health-related questions–symptoms you’re curious about, which kind of treatment to seek for certain conditions, a second opinion, more natural or other alternative approaches–and don’t mind them being posted publicly (either anonymously or with your name-just specify in the email), please send them to me.

Or if you want help choosing the right study program or figuring out where to study alternative health like I have, then ask away.

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Success stories

If you have successfully treated a condition with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupuncture, Ayurveda, or any other CAM treatment, I’d love to hear those stories.

For example, my mom’s neighbor,

Catherine wrote: “My DOM [Doctor of Oriental Medicine] got my blood pressure down in 2 weeks – NO DRUGS!”

I always love to hear more, so send them my way!

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