I love raspberries and I love tea!  So what could be a more perfect snack than raspberries and Belight tea?

Well, if those boosted my metabolism, that’d definitely make them even better!


Undoubtedly you’ve heard of raspberry ketones to boost fat loss.  Whether they work or not, I have no clue.  But I do know real raspberries are all-natural, not processed, high in antioxidants, low in calories and sugar, and a real-food refreshing summer treat.  If they boost my metabolism, too, BONUS.

Likely you’ve also read about how the catechins in tea can improve your body’s fat burning capabilities.  On this site, we’ve talked about the unique combinations of ingredients in Belight tea, besides just Pu-erh tea, that aid weight control. Plus, tea is high in antioxidants with 0 calories.

Given all that, this snack combination must be an awesome one-two punch for boosting metabolism, staving off cravings, avoiding junk food, and achieving an ideal weight. Right?

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