Rheumatoid ArthritisThere are numerous types of arthritis (i.e. joint pain and stiffness), such as osteoarthritis (degenerative), rheumatoid arthritis (autoimmune, chronic inflammation), and periarthritis (inflammation).

Conventional medicine seeks to manage the symptoms of arthritis by  suggesting pain killers to reduce the sensation of pain or prescribing steroids that suppress immune function. The best, in being least invasive, most curative, that conventional medicine offers is physical or occupational therapy.  And while its not for me to discount the success people may have using these approaches, they certainly leave something to be desired (namely, true health or vitality)…

Addressing the root issue, the underlying cause of the inflammation (or degeneration, where possible), and restoring balance from the inside seems to me to be the more holistic, healthful way to go.  If it were me, I’d rather cure than cover and treat than manage. And based on that idea, here are a few ideas for

Treatment of Arthritis

Anti-inflammatory Diet

Choosing a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, in all manner and variety of colors can reduce systemic inflammation.  Fruits and veggies are naturally anti-inflammatory and can reduce instances of rheumatoid and periarthritis. By contrast, greasy foods, processed and packaged foods, and factory-farmed meats are all thought to increase inflammation. I’m not suggesting a raw food or even vegetarian diet, but getting 60-80% of daily calories from fresh (not frozen or canned) veggies will go a long way to reducing arthritic pain.


Inflammation needs to be addressed from the bodily center, namely the digestive tract. The first place to start is diet. But for many, even that is not enough.  That’s when digestive enzymes also come into play. Key digestive enzymes like Bromelain and Serrapeptidase are also anti-inflammatory. You can supplement them with the digestive product Eaze.


Arthritis, characterized as ‘Bi’ syndrome in Chinese medicine, is thought to be caused by the external elements of wind, cold, dampness, notably in the case of deficiency of Qi and Blood, which being deficient are unable to protect the body from the external elements.  Acupuncture can be very effective in many cases of arthritis; generally acupoints along the Bladder Meridian are chosen, and supplemented with those based on the syndrome differentiation. Besides standard acupuncture, other TCM treatments may also be used to reduce pain and restore internal balance: blood letting (heat-type), moxa (cold or damp-type), or guasha (damp-type).


Extended fasting or cleanses can be effective at almost totally eliminating rheumatoid arthritis–it clears out aggravators in the digestive tract and detoxifies the liver. But for those who don’t have the luxury of being able to fast for 3-4 weeks  or go to a spa and do a total cleanse for 2 weeks, using a daily detox supplement may be the answer. Get a daily liver cleanse and mini cellular detoxification with beta glucans, Calcium D-Glucarate, and muramyl peptides in ‘Immune.’


The essential fatty acids of Omega-3s are believed to reduce inflammation, thus reducing the source of arthritis. So while the news media may be telling you Omega-3s aren’t as good for your heart as people thought, they’re still good for your joints. Enjoy fish once-twice per week or supplement with fish oils.


Glucosamine is an animal product derivative sold as a supplement that helps to restore the fluid in between joints. In doing so, it restores flexibility and mobility, and is more useful for osteoarthritis patients.  It is thought to be especially effective when combined with Omega-3s or Chondroitin.

Or encourage your body’s own natural production of joint-lubricating fluid and bounce, by supporting natural production of Growth Hormone with Otropin.

In a simple case study, my sister suffered from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and was prescribed steroids and increasing numbers of drugs  until she was barely unable to function without severe pain and restriction. Finally she gave in to the ‘holistic’ concept and by taking the ‘Immune’ and ‘Eaze’ mentioned above is off nearly all medications for RA and is nearly pain-free.