Today’s guest post suggests how technology can be utilized to improve restfulness and sleep better. 

SleepIt is vital for us to be able to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night; in fact, eight hours is the recommended amount to maintain a healthy and busy lifestyle. But for many of us, that is nothing but an idealistic dream.

Many factors can contribute to a restless night, and a bad night’s sleep will detract from a productive day’s work. It seems that both our daylight hours and nighttime hours are linked to each other inextricably. And they both need to work in harmony and support each other in order to achieve good sleep and alert, productive wakefulness.

To get out time zones back into a symbiotic relationship, we will review some gadgets that have been designed to help us sleep easier. This article looks at some of them and gives an unbiased opinion.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Fitness & Sleep Band – $120

To begin, let’s consider this gadget designed by those clever people at Fitbit; they have really hit the spot with this product. It combines a fitness objective with a very handy sleep tracker. After all, both regimens are connected so why not throw them both into the mix?

Instead of a tiny gadget that you can easily leave in the office by mistake, they have developed a cool and comfortable bracelet that you will forget you are wearing! Every day you can set a new goal and the bracelet will keep a track of your progress and let you know how well you have done. These stats are easily uploaded to your PC or laptop and you’ll soon be hitting new peaks.

In the night, the Fitbit will measure your sleep cycle and you can see how many times you woke up and how much proper sleep you achieved. There is also a very cool alarm that wakes you up gently without rudely interrupting your partner’s own sleep!

You can choose from a number of colors for the bracelet and it is totally water-resistant. The all-important data is synced to your computers, as previously mentioned, but is also compatible with iOS and a few Android devices. Try this gadget to better understand your biometrics, including sleep patterns.

Lark Sleep Coach – $99

Lark has already become pretty well known and have a host of clever sleep aid gadgets that have made a big impression worldwide. The sleep coach takes the form of a wristband that is designed to wake you up in an intelligent and sensitive way such that it allows you to hit your maximum sleep potential. So many alarm clocks are just crude, noisy appliances that have no idea about different sleeping patterns. When they interrupt you mid-dream, you often have a hard job staying focused during the day. The Lark sleep coach is nothing like those primitive devices and here is how it will make a difference:

  • It tracks the quality of your sleeping pattern
  • It uploads the data to your iOS device (Apple iPhone or iPad)
  • It will tell you exactly how many times you stirred in the night
  • Your total amount of sleep is tracked and recorded
  • Your wakeup call is nice and progressive – set this to match your sleep pattern.

Sleeping Better Yet?

If you suffer from poor sleeping habits, either of these cool gadgets can help you recognize where a deficiency in sleep may be occurring and guide you to a more natural waking process, to allow you to be more alert and productive during the day.

About the author: Abbey Brooks works for CPAPOnly as a sales executive and she is passionate about her work. In her spare time, she likes to keep herself updated with the latest developments in technology.

Image Licenses: First, Flickr; Second & Third, author owned.