iced tea 6Whether its a holiday and you’re surrounded by tempting treats, or just a regular day in which you feel the urge to snack, opting for a drink can oftentimes be the better solution when you’re trying to manage your weight. (See part 1 on why snacking is the enemy of weight loss.)

Here’s how a drink can substitute for a snack–

  • Sometimes your body misinterprets thirst as hunger, making you think you’re hungry and need a snack when actually you just need a liquid refreshment.
  • Going to prepare a drink can be similar to getting a snack–it gets you up and moving around, provides a break from other activities, and can clear your mind.

But be careful with your drink choices: some contain as much sugar and calories as a candy bar or other snack food. A can of soda can have anywhere from 9-18 teaspoons of sugar! That’s sure to send you on a blood sugar roller coaster, headed for a disastrous crash.

There are good low or no cal drink choices, and some will not only distract you from your snacking idea, but actually help curtail cravings.

Low- and No-Calorie Beverages to Stop Snacking

For a little flavor, but still very low calorie, infused water is very refreshing. Consider adding oranges, strawberries, cucumbers, melon, citrus fruit or any combination to your water and let sit for a few minutes to thoroughly infuse.

A spritzer can offer even more pizzazz to your drink without adding calories.  Look for soda water, San Pellegrino, or any sparkling water, squeeze a bit of lime into it, and voila, a fun spritzer. For even more caché, drink your spritzer out of a martini glass–a no calorie mocktail.

Choose Belight TeaWhen you really need something to curb your sweet tooth and stave off those snack cravings, grab Belight Tea.  Heat up water to near boiling and steep a bag for 2-3 minutes. The ingredients in this will calm you, support your energy levels, and satisfy your cravings. After finishing one or 2 cups, reevaluate your need for a snack.

Another hot beverage, that comes with a multitude of benefits is hot water with lemon (and optionally honey). If you have an inkling of hunger, hot beverages do more to squash that feeling than cold ones. The mingling of sour and sweet flavors in this beverage will provide the variety your taste buds’ are seeking. Hot water with lemon is also very cleansing for the digestive tract.

Since is (currently) holiday time, we should also include a low calorie alternative to the high calorie holiday treats: Eggnogg’n Tea. This herbal tisane is said to taste just like a hot version of eggnog, though certainly you could cool it with ice. You’ll think you’re indulging, but without any of the guilt.

And finally, there’s nothing better than good ol’ water.  Whether you like it hot or cold, with a squeeze of lemon, or a pinch of salt, water may just be enough to distract you from your snacking habit and save you some calories.


Try out these low-cal liquid alternatives to snacking, avoid spiking blood sugar, save the calories for a proper meal composed of real food, to stay steady and confident on your road to weight management.

To make your plan to opt for a drink even more effective, consider having the drink already prepped, bottled, and refrigerated if you’re going for a cold drink. If a hot drink is your preference, make it as easy as possible: tea kettle filled and ready to be started, mug nearby, tea or other additives handy. Whatever is easiest is what you’ll go for.  Make your no cal drinks super accessible and you’ll be most likely to reach for that option.

Planning ahead is one of the cornerstones to reaching your health goals.

Success can be yours!