This is a long overdue guest post, but somehow good timing as I’ve been reading about Chakras a lot recently.

Chakra soundsSound is vibration and can affect change in our bodies at energetic and cellular levels. Our Chakras, the energy centers that absorb and translate the vibrations in our environment into life force energy that we can use, resonate with the vibration of sound. In Sanskrit, the term Bija is used to identify the seeds of sounds found in the Mantras used to achieve enlightened states. Each of our seven Chakras vibrates at a different frequency and responds to a different pitch. We can use the musical scale to balance and heal our Chakras using sound as the facilitator.

Whether the sounds we hear are helpful or harmful, they each have an affect upon our energy bodies. We can prime our Chakras to receive the helpful, resonant, higher vibrations of sound by chanting the musical notes in the form of Bijas, and focusing upon the Chakra that each note responds to. This opens our energy centers to receive the sounds coming in. The passage of sound from our bodies into the space around us builds up the energies of the notes that we are projecting outward, heals us from the inside out, and facilitates harmony in our soul.

Using a guitar, a tuner, or a keyboard find the note middle C and play it. Visualize your Root Chakra being stimulated by the vibrations of C. Chant to the tune of C as you focus your energy upon the grounding effects that this note has on the Root Chakra. The Bija, or seed sound, for the Root Chakra is the word LAM. Chanting the word LAM to the tune of middle C will engage the Root Chakra and ground us in our connection to the Earth. Breathing should be rhythmic and the chant should follow the breath. Even if your voice is slightly off key, the Chakra will be stimulated.

Next, place your attention on the Sacral Chakra, the seat of our sexuality and our self-acceptance. The note that moves the energies of this Chakra is D, and the word to chant while engaging the note is VAM. Staying focused on the breath and the expulsion of air through our lungs as we chant VAM stimulates our Sacral Chakra and opens blockages that may be present there.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is where the energy of personal power resides. This Chakra is dynamic and resonates to the note E. Singing to the tune of E releases blockages in our Solar Plexus Chakra and enables stability in our bodies and confidence in ourselves and in our ability to manifest what we want in this world. The word that we chant while focusing our attention on our Solar Plexus Chakra is RAM.

Our Heart Chakra works tirelessly to bring love and light into our bodies. It is the place where we first feel the stirrings of unconditional love rising up to meet the challenges of our self-absorbed lower Chakra energy. The note of F is the song of our heart, and the word to chant in F is YAM. The Heart Chakra is the fulcrum upon which all aspects of our being rest. We teeter back and forth in love, often replacing it with energies that do not benefit us. Establishing balance in the Heart Chakra uplifts our lives and fills our world with wonder. Nothing can be truly given or received without love.

Moving upwards to the Throat Chakra, we find that this energy resonates with the note of G. Play  G on your instrument and begin to allow that note to rise up within you. Belt it out and let G be heard. The Throat Chakra is the center of our wisdom and our ability to communicate creatively. The word to chant while stimulating the Throat Chakra to the sound of G is HAM. Strengthening our ability to speak our truth is necessary in this life if we are to live it fully, and stimulating the Throat Chakra with sounds from our own body has a positively radiating effect.

Moving up to the Brow Chakra, the energies are quite a bit more subtle and light than the lower energy centers. The tune of A is the note that sparks movement in the Third Eye. Meditating upon this area between the eyes while tuning your voice to the sound of A stimulates expanded vision, lucid dreaming, and a higher sense of self and purpose in life. The Bija, or seed word, for the Brow Chakra is AUM. Spoken slowly and deliberately, this sound awakens our ability to dream and to know life as more than just what we see and feel.

Using sound to stimulate the Crown Chakra elevates our mood and raises our consciousness. The pitch is the note of B and the word to chant is OM. This word offers the highest, purest vibrations of all of the Mantras, throughout time, and OM is said to contain all of the elements of creation within its simple nature. Visualizing indigo light entering the Crown Chakra as you chant OM to the tune of B, you will find that you are connected with all that there is, deeply understanding the unity of life and existence. You find peace in this connection, and your Crown Chakra open to life unhinged from ordinary awareness.

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