As I mentioned in my previous post, spring is here! Not only does that mean allergies, but it is also the season when everything starts moving again: leaves are growing, flowers are blooming, animals come out of hibernation, people go out more, blood starts moving faster.

And, latent illnesses become active again.

Illnesses or diseases may lie dormant inside the body throughout the winter but when the weather warms and the blood starts moving again, so too, do the illnesses.  They start to reassert themselves.  They start to itch and pick and scratch away at the immune system to becoming increasingly bothersome.  These may be chronic diseases or they may be a small part of an illness picked up during winter that never became full blown. Until now. Until spring.

As my TCM teacher said, spring is the best time to treat these kind of illnesses.

They can be hard to treat in winter because they lie deep inside the body, in hibernation, and are therefore hard to locate, pinpoint and come up with a direct and efficient treatment.  But when they start moving and showing symptoms in spring, that’s the best time to treat them, when they are on their upward, growth phase.

Allergies, skin conditions, intestinal parasites, as well as many other types of illnesses or diseases may all fall into this category. If you have any of the symptoms of these, or anything I said here strikes you as going on inside your body, now is the best time to do something about it.  Before it becomes worse or full blown or encompasses more of the body. A TCM doctor would be a good choice, but other healers can help as well.