Although we’ve just passed Summer Solstice, it feels like the summer heat has only just begun.  And that means, depending where you live, another 1-3 months of perhaps sweltering heat.

So how do you cope?  How do you stay healthy during the summer?  And how can you improve your overall health utilizing the heat of the summer?


  • Stay hydrated.  Room temperature drinks will hydrate you more than ice cold drinks, even though iced drinks may feel more refreshing.
  • Make hot tea into cold tea.  Watch this video to find out how.

  • Green and white teas are noted for their cooling properties and are less likely to make you sweat than coffee.
  • Steep Goji berries in hot water to make a cooling infusion that’ll nourish Yin, circulate blood, and cool you. Read more…



  • Just because the days are longer, doesn’t mean you should stay up later.  The best sleep happens when you’re in bed by 11pm. 
  • Don’t sit directly under the air-conditioning.  This will make you susceptible to stiffness in the spine, immobilize the joints, and expose you unnecessarily to cold air.  Direct it away from you.
  • Eat less in the evening. Read more…


Summer is also the time when you can nourish bodily Yang for a healthier constitution year round. Find out how…