We know how much you love Belight.

enjoying_teaBut we also know that you like variety, to try new teas, and that sometimes only a green tea or herbal tisane will do the trick. So, to that end, we introduce some of our favorite tea and tisane companies.

Local, in Phoenix

Wisdom Nectar Teas – Co-founder Caitlyn is off-the-wall cool.  Talk to her in Chinese or Spanish and she’ll be thrilled. Their bedtime tisane is one of their most popular.

Herbescent – To turn the sound off, just click the “off” in the lower right-hand corner of the image. I was the biggest hater on rooibos… until recently.  And now I’ve become a huge fan of their Jasmine Green Rooibos.

Further Afield

Good Health Teas – Marion is very focused on the wellness category of teas, and supporting other niche and emerging tea companies.

If you meet, shop, or buy from any of them, please tell them I said HI!!

Be well and be light!