Have you ever noticed after you’ve been outside on a windy, and maybe cold day that you have a lot of gas in your stomach? Perhaps it is quite painful and very filling gas.  And then you start wondering what you ate that is not digesting well.

Would you believe there is a connection between the wind and your gassy abdomen?

I’ve now had two TCM doctors tell me that the wind can get inside the digestive tract and lead to gas, distention in the abdominal region, and feelings of indigestion.  At first I laughed like, what kind of joke is this.  It sounded too strange.

But I started noticing when I spend a lot of time outdoors on windy days, my stomach is very likely to have huge gas bubbles by dinnertime.  So I’m beginning to think there is some merit to this.  In Chinese, its basically called swallowing wind or eating wind.

The longer the time, the stronger the wind, and the colder it is all make it worse.  The best course of action to prevent it is obviously to stay inside.  Barring that, keep your mouth closed when you’re outside and don’t talk too much in the wind.  And, if it is cold, stay warm.

Has anyone else experienced this?