Literally, week one.  As in, only 1 week.

Today I went to ZJ Chinese Medicine University to get setup for my classes, which will begin Monday, February 28th. They seemed to be expecting me as they had my class schedule all prepared and my documentation ready. That’s always a good sign.

Just before I went there I stopped at the bank to take out money to pay for my classes. And I took out a lot of money. Because I was expecting to pay my entire course fee today.

She gives me my Monday to Friday schedule and tells me, ‘you can study more basic theory of TCM, on top of what you’ve already studied. And you can learn meridians and acupuncture points. Besides, there will be 2 other foreign students in your class.’ I look at my schedule, its ok but not really what I expected.

So I ask, ‘is this the schedule for my whole time? Or just a month?’
‘No, that’s just your course for the first week!’
‘Do you have my schedule for the second week?’
‘No, you come back and get that next week. Pay 1 week now please.’
‘I was prepared to pay a month or more now. Are you sure you only want 1 week?’
‘Yes, 1 week schedule, 1 week payment. Next week another. But the receipt at the end of the month. Please pay 1400yuan.’

Just a few things rolling around in my mind: why 1400yuan/week? The website says its 1000-1200yuan/week. Her explanation, I have more class-hours. But the price is per week, not per hour… I don’t understand. No further explanation given.

Second, is she serious with the week by week schedule? How can I get a good sense of what I’m supposed to be learning and what my progression will be if she only gives me one week’s schedule at a time?  s t r a n g e … Although, I guess I do prefer to pay week by week, it might get annoying around week 7 or so.

And thus,

My Schedule (Feb 28-March 4)

Mornings– 8:30-11:40
Afternoons– 1:30-3:50

Monday, Tuesday, and morning half of Wednesday– Basic Theory of TCM
Thursday morning– Diagnosis of TCM
Thursday afternoon and Friday morning– Meridians and acupuncture points

Looks like a good start to me but without knowing what comes in the following weeks, it’s hard to tell. For example, 1 morning hardly seems to be enough time for diagnostics.

The first bar and expectations have been set. Now to see what comes next… This seems to be an exercise in patience and flexibility, and jumping in without knowing what’s on the other side.