Can tea help you be more successful with your diet? Of course it can! Let’s explore how.


Get started on almost any diet plan and the first thing they tell you is to drink more water. Water is fundamental to every process in the body, it also helps keep you regular, and moves and flushes out toxins.tea for diet success

Since tea is mostly water, drinking more tea can help you stay hydrated, clean the system, and stick to the number 1 rule of dieting. You may have heard that tea is a diuretic, but that is a misconception. The liquid you consume with tea will result in a net positive for hydration. And even better, drinking more tea can help improve water metabolism, thus preventing water retention and pushing the older toxin-filled liquid out of your system (making you appear less bloated, less inflamed, and less swollen). So, drink up!

Preventing Mistaken Hunger Cues

Because thirst can be misconstrued as hunger, sometimes when you feel hungry, you’re actually just thirsty or dehydrated.

Drinking tea will help you stay well hydrated to avoid mistaking thirst as hunger. Thus, drinking tea can help prevent over-eating, eating outside of scheduled meal times, and consumption of too many “in-between” calories. Some would say drinking tea also helps to dampen hunger signals, so that you reduce the quantity eaten during mealtimes and still feel satisfied.

Reducing Snacking

Junk_SnackingSWhile some meal plans recommend 6 small meals a day, most people would agree inadvertent snacking won’t contribute to a successful diet. The urge to snacks arises for many reasons: needing a distraction, wanting something to do with your hands or to put something in your mouth, boredom, stress, thirst, temptation, hunger, and many more.

Drinking tea can help: making a cup can serve as a distraction and thereby relieve boredom; a nice warm tea cup also occupies your hands, while the drink fills your mouth; tea can be very soothing and thus relieve stress; and it alleviates thirst.

Many drinkers of Belight Tea write to tell me when they drink Belight they can more easily avoid a snack and more successfully resist temptation. For example, “[Belight] takes away the afternoon cravings for junk food” and “I have sugar cravings, but this tea seems to curb that.” (See more on the testimonials page.) Belight Tea benefits from added herbs that help with satiety and satisfaction, to go above and beyond a regular cup of tea in helping prevent snacking.

Keeping your Mouth Fresh

Sometimes when you have a bad taste in your mouth, you want to suck on a hard candy or pop something else in your mouth quick to change the taste. Those calories, particularly candy calories aren’t usually part of a successful diet.

Green tea has been used traditionally in China as a mouthwash (tea is anti-bacterial), as an early alternative to teeth brushing, and more recently as a flavoring in toothpaste. Tea has many anti-septic properties that can stem the proliferation of bad bacteria and the tannins cut through excess sugar residues. This 1-2 punch can help keep your mouth feeling fresh, plus it has a lot fewer calories than candy, which means you’ll be more successful with your diet.

Maintaining Energy

When you’re on a low-calorie or low-carbohydrate diet, it can feel like your energy diminishes frequently and easily, particularly in the early days as you’re adjusting. And all you want to do it go grab something higher calorie or with more sugar to give you that quick boost of energy. But that’s not an option when you want to be successful on your diet.

Tea contains caffeine and L-Thenanine that work together for a solid and prolonged rise in energy, along with better memory and focus. Therefore, tea can help you maintain your energy and productivity even on a restricted diet.

Belight Tea contains an herb called Gynostemma which helps to stabilize blood sugar, and reduce the effect of stress on blood sugar levels; blood sugar levels, when too high or too low also affect how energetic you feel. The hemp seeds in Belight Tea also support energy levels and can help you have a stronger workout. Keeping your energy up with tea means you don’t need as much food or carbohydrates to maintain your energy or recover from a blood sugar crash.

Belight Tea Box


Drinking tea regularly is good for wellness. But particularly when you’re starting a new diet or committing to good eating habits, imbibing a cup or a few a day can certainly help and make it easier to be successful. Tea satisfies in so many ways, yet contains no calories, and therefore is appropriate for any diet.

Let us know in the comments below: in what ways does tea serve you and help you with your nutritional plan or weight loss goals?