Every morning this week the line at the post office extended out the door before the counter was even open. As I looked at the people in line, I sensed the annoyance, the impatience, the frazzled nerves, and of course, the stresses those postal customers were feeling as they hoped to send off their holiday gifts quickly and affordably.

Whether you’re last minute gift shopping, cleaning house preparing for guests, getting ready to travel, or just trying to stay healthy and active on these colder days, this time of year energy seems to be in short-supply, while stress is overflowing.

Of course, we all have some kind of strategy to deal… Some people prefer the hero approach, “I can do anything. Bring it!” (until they later collapse). Others prefer hibernation, and/or pushing the stress off to someone else. Still others have a different style.

Tea Pot Xmas LightsWhichever type you are, now you can have a new approach.

It’s simple
It’s quick
It’s easy
You can take it with you
It’s affordable in both time and money


BeBalanced Tea
Stress & Energy Harmonizing Blend

You told us, the main benefits you want from your tea are less stress and more energy.

Of course you do! And we think we hit the high mark you set for us with this tea-herbal blend.

BeBalanced is…

A way to boost energy that doesn’t drain the body’s reserves or cause a bigger crash later.
Our answer to the coffee jitters.
Our alternative to the wired, can’t-think-straight, just-feel-depleted consequences of too much coffee… Or too much stress… Or too little sleep…
The antidote to the season’s stress and exhaustion.

BeBalanced works by…

Starting with white tea–rich in antioxidants, polyphenols. and anti-inflammatory compounds to clean, clear, and energize your systems.
Then 3 adaptogenic herbs carry you through the day as they boost endurance, stamina, and productivity.
The body is nourished: eliminating burnout, supporting total body health, and still letting you sleep at night.

BeBalanced tastes like…

Mint, that invigorating, flavorful, ever-loved herb.
But, with your first sip you realize much more than just mint is going on in this cup… The flavor complexities continue to develop the longer the tea steeps.

BeBalanced will be…

Your ALL-ORGANIC go-to on busy mornings and long days.
The tea you’ll want to help you focus, be alert, and take on the day.

In each box you’ll get 12 individually-wrapped pyramid tea bags.

Perfect for traveling, the office, home, on the road, or even in a tea mug standing in line at the post office before Christmas. 😉
Looking perfectly peaceful and ready for all that lies ahead.

Grab a cup and sip away those seasonal stresses as you rev up your energy.