Over the next 9 months, I’ll be blogging about studying traditional medicine, healing, and wellness in Asia.  I will blog on the courses that I research and choose and on what I learn in the courses, especially easy, useful life-applicable tidbits.

The program with start with Traditional Chinese Medicine, including functional foods, or using foods to heal and stay healthy, 推拿 or a form of medical massage, acupuncture, herbs, etc.  And after TCM, we’ll choose 2 more revered forms of Oriental Medicine, likely Indian Ayurveda and Balinese Healing.

The goals of this blog are:

  • Provide educational, inspirational, & motivational value
  • Share useful wellness knowledge and health practices from the Far East
  • Explore the differences of eastern and western medicine, and the advantages and drawbacks of each
  • Discover ways to incorporate more of the eastern approach to health into our lives, and
  • Help you and me live healthier, happier, more energetic lives

I’ll hope you’ll join me in this journey!