These last couple weeks, I tested out our new BeVibrant-Full 2 week pack–that’s all 3 of our wellness teas 6 days per week for 2 weeks. The difference in how I felt was pretty surprising and very exhilarating.

Most of the days, I started with a matcha latte, heating almond milk then whisking in the BeEnergized Matcha. By opting for a latte instead of water, I could have the matcha before breakfast. The wellness blends I drank the traditional way, prepared as hot tea.

The first day–

Instantly, I felt more energetic and quickly developed a let’s-get-to-it, can-do attitude to kick-off my day.

A couple hours later when I was stressed and freaking out about my websites being down, it was definitely time for BeBalanced to calm me down and put me into problem-solving mode.

Later, in the afternoon, I found BeLight Tea was helpful with digestion and reducing bloating.

The next few days–

With BeEnergized Matcha and BeBalanced, I had a nice steady energy all morning.

In the early afternoon, BeLight Tea was a lifesaver, keeping my hunger and snacking tendencies at bay.

By Days 5/6–

My belly was flatter, bloating was noticeably reduced, and I found my digestion was easier and more regular.

By Days 7/8–

I noticed that I was happier, and more confident in myself and what I was doing. I got waaay more done each day, conquering my to-do list daily. Even in the evenings, I felt more effervescent and cheery at home. Since I’d been so productive during the days, I was able to start cooking dinner earlier and often even had it done before our preferred dinnertime.

This marked improvement continued. During those two weeks, my thinking was sharper, I was more active, and I felt more inclined to put myself out there, try new things, and get stuff done I’d been procrastinating on. And because I was more productive during the days, I could relax more in the evening and be present at home enjoying quality time with my partner.

While working out, I felt stronger, more energized, and more powerful.

Did I mention my skin has been really clear, which meant I could feel beautiful even without wearing makeup. (::Happy Dance::)

Was there a downside? A couple of times I found myself drinking my teas too late in the day, and though falling asleep wasn’t more difficult, I sensed my thoughts were still running even while I was sleeping, which didn’t make for a very restful sleep. To avoid this, I focused on starting my teas earlier in the morning and finishing my first steeping of BeLight before 2pm. (Would this be a problem for you? It depends how sensitive you are to caffeine and how early in the day you finish up drinking the teas.)

Those two weeks were very exciting–the energy, the focus, the productivity, the confidence–I felt great!

So, would I do it again? Absolutely! I’m planning to start again in the next day or so. (When the 2 weeks ended, I didn’t want to restart right away because I wanted to confirm that how good I felt was indeed attributable to the tea and then share my experience with you.)

Yes, yes, yes! I love feeling that confident, beautiful, capable, and having the sense I really can be more, do more, love and live more.

Feel amazing in two weeksDo you want to feel this way? To inject more energy and productivity into your day? To feel like you really can do anything? To be confident in your body and feel beautiful in your skin? Then, please check out our BeVibrant package, and get started!

Sip to a healthier, more vibrant you!

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