Have a smart phone? Worried what’s contaminating the healthy fruits and vegetables you’re eating? Problem solved. Read today’s guest post for the best apps to download to get clean answers on when to choose organic.

A variety of changes in human lifestyles have occurred over the past century – the area of diet is no exception. In the past, food was a much more valuable commodity that people often worked long, hard days in order to grow and harvest. As time progressed, our ability to store, transport and grow food became more and more advanced, which led to rapid reduction in the cost of many foods.

Unfortunately, this also has led to many preservatives, insecticides and chemicals finding their way into many of our favorite foods. Those who wish to avoid this have options, though, thanks to, again, revolutions in technology that have changed so many other areas of our lives. Below, we will discuss three apps that can help users grow, find and prepare organic foods.

Smart Foods – Organic Diet Buddy

For too long, humans have had to assume or guess what was in the food they ate, without being able to access this information at a moment’s notice. This would often lead to health complications, allergic reactions and other issues because of not knowing what had been prepared alongside other foods.

Thankfully, apps like Smart Foods – Organic Diet Buddy can assist with these challenges. Users will be able to view hundreds of different food items to see whether organic is the best choice, view common chemicals and pesticides found in each item and locate nearby farmers markets and organic food stores.

A daily fruit and vegetable caloric counter is also included with the app to help users determine whether their intake of these two important types of food is on par. Currently available on the Android Marketplace, Smart Foods – Organic Diet Buddy is a free download.

Organic Revolution

Anyone who wants to keep up to date on the latest organic developments will find the Organic Revolution app to be of service. Users can quickly explore several different topics that pertain to organic food and farming, such as

  • great homemade organic recipes,
  • news and tips on organic events and healthy living,
  • a farmer’s market directory that can help you determine which venues are closest and
  • a guide to the most common dirty and naturally organic foods.

Available for download via the Android Marketplace, smartphone users can empower themselves and stay on top of the latest developments with organic food – if they download Organic Revolution today.

Dirty Dozen

Nobody wants to buy produce that could be laden with chemicals and pesticides, but it was hard to know for sure which were which. But, that’s all in the past with the Dirty Dozen app–it no longer has to be a guess. Smartphone owners can find this app on both the Android Marketplace and the iTunes App Store for free.

Users will be able to see the top twelve most commonly-sprayed and chemically-laden fruits and vegetables in your grocery store’s produce section, as well as see the most common foods that are free of chemicals. Without an app like Dirty Dozen, you are taking a gamble each time you buy a piece of conventional produce – don’t risk it.

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