Which foods are good for your body and your teeth? Today’s guest post will tell us.

The majority of food that is good for our health is also good for our teeth. Keeping your body healthy is important if you want to enjoy living a long life. Similar to our body, the quality of our teeth will be better depending on the foods we eat. This means that it is extremely important to find foods that have serious benefits and help us sustain healthy teeth. Of course if you already eat healthy that is great but there are certain items you may want to incorporate or add if you want even stronger healthier teeth.


milkThe majority of calcium in our body is stored in our teeth and bones. If we aren’t getting enough calcium then our body starts to pull from our teeth and bones which then weakens them. It is important to get our daily intake of calcium and to incorporate calcium rich foods in our diet. Along with calcium, dairy is extremely important because most dairy products like milk and yogurt have vitamin D. Vitamin D is necessary because it helps build strong bones and is great for our teeth. The best dairy foods to choose are yogurt and milk. Milk is a great product that has both vitamin D and calcium. (Toffler’s note: I don’t typically suggest conventional dairy because for most people it doesn’t actually do a body good.  Raw, un-pasteurized dairy, or goat or sheep’s dairy would be better choices.)


Just like milk, vegetable such as spinach, kale and turnips are all rich in calcium. Not only are they great for your health but they are great for your teeth as well. These dark green leafy vegetables are great because they increase the saliva production in our mouths. This is important because saliva aids in washing away bacteria and helps reduce the amount of food that is stuck to our teeth. Kale is a wonderful food that not only provides calcium but also vitamin K, vitamin A and plenty of other benefits that are all great for our teeth.


Apple_Pear_GingerFruit is mother nature’s candy. Most people enjoy eating fruit because it sweet, delicious and undeniably tasty. Although most people don’t need an incentive to eat fruit here are a couple of fruits that can actually clean and freshen your teeth. The two teeth enhancing fruits are strawberries and apples. Besides tasting good, strawberries can actually whiten and clean your teeth naturally. Strawberries contain malic acid which can reduce stains and lightly whiten teeth. While it is not recommended to do often, you can occasionally clean and whiten your teeth using a little mixture of strawberry and baking soda. You can also just enjoy strawberries normally and just brush as usual. Apples are also great but try not to drink too much apple juice. The actual apple fruit has plenty of nutrients that will get rid of bacteria and give you fresh breath until you are able to brush.

Try these three types of food to get healthy teeth and that are also great for your body as well. It’s important to take care of our body and teeth which will be of help to us later.

What food do you enjoy to improve your smile? Let me know in the comments below.

Victoria Cairo is a blogger in Houston, Texas. She loves eating healthy and enjoys finding foods that are multipurpose.