If you’re reading this, there’s probably at least some part of you that wants to live your best life, to live a life that matters, or to feel fully engaged, connected, and loved in this world. And I want to help you do that and find that feeling.

This isn’t an article about goal setting, finding your passion, or completely rewriting the story of your life. This is about the simple, yet critical starting point for a life of greater purpose, meaning, connection, and expression.

What is it?

Invest in your body–love it, care for it, and nourish it to be as healthy as possible.

Our bodies are the vehicle that carries us through this life. The body influences the mind and it is influenced by the mind. We only get one body and one mind.

This isn’t about being a world-class athlete or having the perfect figure–this is about loving, caring for, and doing that which makes your beautiful vehicle on this earth healthy. People who are handicapped or in wheelchairs, who have lost a limb, or who may be without some sense or faculty can still love their body, care for it, and support it to be healthy. This wisdom holds for everyone, no matter their current state of health or physical ability.

Start in your home–your own body. Treasure it, treat it well, say kind and loving things to it, care for it, feed it healthy, nourishing food, and it will respond by supporting you.

Forget the body hate and the fat shaming, drop the negative self-talk, stop obsessing over every wrinkle, spot, or perceived imperfection. Your body is a beautiful gift that carries you through this world.

The more you love, care for, and nourish your body, the more it supports you to be or accomplish what you want in this world. Without health, it is difficult, if not impossible, to pursue wealth–or anything else, for that matter. For example, when you are tired or have the flu, your body is sluggish, your brain feels foggy and you’re not as productive or patient as you would otherwise be.

A healthy, loved, cared-for body is your vehicle to be more, do more, love more, live more.

With a healthy, loved, cared-for body you can

bemore-in-a-healthy-bodyBe More ~
Full of life and energy
Present in the moment
Adventurous, confident, loving
Authentic, passionate, successful

Do More ~
For a good cause
At work
With friends and family
Movement you enjoy
You’re passionate about

Love ~
More fully, deeply, passionately
Your body
On the world
By how you act
With all your heart and self

Live More ~
Vibrantly, fully, passionately
Authentically, excitedly
Fully in your power
In your body (instead of in your head)

A healthy, loved, cared-for body is your vehicle to be more, do more, love more, live more.

That is one of the foundational statements of our Manifesto. Along with

Follow the song of your heart, trust your intuition, and know that in doing right, good will come.

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