Chinese medical massage techniques can be used on the chest and back to get rid of coughs, chest congestion, and phlegm in the lungs.

The first is called 揉法 rou fa. Using the large thenar muscle, i.e. the soft thick part at the base of thumb where it becomes the palm, press on a certain point and make small circles on that point keeping the wrist relaxed and flexible. Massage chest for cough In this technique, the skin moves but the contact point does not. Watch this video to better understand the movement (start at 0:37). This technique is used on the chest to eliminate coughing, panting, and congestion in the lungs.

In the second movement, 擦法 ca fa, the goal is to produce heat on the chest area.  Get Rid of cough Typically this is done directly on the skin using a warming ointment or oil; in China 冬青膏 is used, but vapor rub or something similar that magnifies heat will work. This is a quick, bi-directional movement done using the palm with the movement coming from the elbow/forearm.  Again the goal is to produce heat, so be careful using this method when the patient has a fever.  This movement is typically done laterally across the chest.

The next method is applied on the back.  In 拍法 tapping method, the palm is cupped, the wrist remains relaxed, and the movement comes from the elbow.  To eliminate phlegm, tap on the back start at the bottom of the lungs moving toward the top to bring the phlegm up, or from the outside toward inside to move it toward the bronchial passages.  Watch this video.



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