Its the season of colds, the flu, runny noses, and just all around nasal congestion. I know for me, my nose always runs in cold weather, even when I’m not sick.

When your nose is just stuffed up and not really running but not really clear either, its just frustrating–you can’t breathe and you can’t blow it either. So what can you do (besides wait or take a trip to the tropics) that doesn’t involve steroidal nasal sprays? Try this TCM medical massage (tuina) technique to get the nose running and alleviate congestion.

Tuina for nasal congestionThe Movement: Use the thumb, index, or middle finger of each hand at the same time, press and massage in small circles for ~2minutes per point.
The Process: Start at the inner corner of each eyebrow. After 2minutes, move down to the inner corner of each eye, rubbing the corner between the nasal bridge and the inner eye. Next, move down to the top of the nostrils, just under the end of the bone. Finally, rub the bottom corner of the nostrils.
Repeat: If the first time doesn’t get the nose flowing, repeat 3-5 times.

This can be beneficial for nasal infections, sinusitis, allergies, or any other situation where the nose doesn’t feel clear but the blockage isn’t the result of a foreign object.