Weight Loss PlateauAs global, but particularly US, obesity rates climb ever higher and the shocking number of overweight people continues to stun me, I think there must be better solutions. I wish there was some way to help them. And I’ll happily work with anyone who is looking to make a change to get healthier. But oftentimes, as today, my role is just to share what I know and let people pick and choose the best options for themselves.

Weight loss may be one of the most difficult pursuits anyone undertakes.  The body is highly complex and very adapted at storing fat. But yet it is possible, and both Western and Eastern approaches can make weight loss success more attainable.

A lower weight starts with a firm decision, then commitment and accountability. Next, begin charting food intake to get ready for step #1.

1. Change Your Food

Change is required: modification of diet is the first step. It will be difficult, but that’s why I’ve written 7 Tips to Controlling Bad Eating Habits.

For many people, when changing their diet they find themselves craving carbohydrates. In which case, I recommend

Sometimes the simplest changes make the most impact: cut back on or eliminate alcohol.

With all this subtracting from your usual diet, what can you add in? More water, flavors that promote weight loss and slimming tea.

2. Work with the Body, Not Against it

Even with a change in diet, sometimes the number on the scale just won’t budge. This may be due to an underlying issue or imbalance in the body; see if any of the unexpected blocks to weight loss apply to you.

In the case of thyroid or hormonal issues, a product such as Otropin can help stimulate the pituitary to wake up the endocrine system, which rebalances hormones and speeds up metabolism. If toxins have accumulated, Immune can clear the toxins and cleanse the liver to function more effectively.

In other cases, or where the reason is unidentifiable, acupuncture for weight loss is incredibly effective; it moves blood and Qi, to restore internal balance, clear dampness, and strengthen the digestive system.

In the early stages of a weight loss program, intense exercise may be counterproductive because shocking the body with a severly restricted diet and intense exercise may lead it to believe its in starvation mode and conserve fat.  Consider starting slow and low-impact, such as yoga, while finding something sustainable.

3. Keep the Right Frame of Mind

When the weight is coming off, the progress is clear, and everything is good.  But then there’s a bad day or week or month, and suddenly not only has weight loss stalled, the number on the scale is going back up. So what is a desperate dieter to do?

This is when you need to become an expert on your own triggers, cravings, and tendencies toward self-sabotage, and learn the skills and techniques to prevent them. And follow these tips to weight loss success. With the right attitude and tools in your tool belt, you’ll again be on your way to your ideal weight.

4. Advancing Weight Loss Efforts

Once the basics of a weight loss program are in place, and the number on the scale begins to creep downward, then its time to refine the plan, following the 80-20 rule (get 80% of the benefit with the 20% that works most effectively). This is also when you can add more advanced or specialized techniques into your efforts.

Hitting a plateau or set point during weight loss can be one of the most frustrating experiences, and one of the most challenging issues to overcome when trying to lose weight.  But there are some ways to overcome the body’s set point or a plateau, namely carb cycling, calorie cycling, and intense exercise.

As body weight reduces, more advanced regulatory mechanisms kick in to preserve weight, muscle, and fuel stores (fat), and one of these is increasing hunger.  Through the Chinese meridian system, hunger can actually be controlled by a point on the ear.

And then there is the dreaded cellulite. Chinese medicine has unusual approaches for reducing the appearance of cellulite, particularly in those who’ve recently lost weight:

How successful have your weight loss efforts been?  Have the items listed in this post helped you?