It’s the middle of summer, so allergy season should be over, right? But yet somehow you’re suffering from clogged nasal passageways, sneezing, scratchy throat, and/or watery/itchy eyes.

The cause of these allergies may be internal, not external.

Sound strange? Your diet or digestive tract may be causing your summertime allergies moreso than what’s in the air.

Have you had grains, like wheat, or sugar lately? What about dairy?  All of these can trigger allergic responses, particularly a runny nose, in many people.  But when the symptom is a runny nose we assume its nasal allergies. Not so.

In my experience, many people find that their nose get runny or clogged up more when they eat dairy, grains, or sugar.

Test it out for yourself: eliminate grains, dairy, and sugar from your diet for a week.

  • Then try adding grains back in–see if your nose gets worse. If so, you probably have a gluten allergy that manifests as nasal allergies.
  • Next start consuming dairy.  And again, evaluate if you struggle to breathe through your nose. Maybe you are lactose intolerant.
  • And finally repeat the process with sugar.

If you’ve removed dairy, grains, and sugar from your diet and didn’t see any improvement, nor any change when resuming eating those foods, the source of your allergies may be deeper.

Deeper, literally and figuratively. Your gut may be so poisoned with toxins, undigested food stuffs, and impacted fecal matter that everything in there is continuously triggering your allergies. Again, this may sound strange but your immune system is supported by your intestines. So if they aren’t clean, your immune system is fighting against everything in your body, not knowing which are the good guys and which are the bad guys. One of the prime symptoms of a toxic digestive tract is nasal allergies (Others include acne, yellow tongue coating, foul breath, lack of appetite, brain fog.)

Options for Allergy Relief

  • Eliminate suspect foods from your diet, namely grains/gluten, sugar/fake sugars, dairy.
  • Get a colonic, or do a detox-cleanse. This will remove toxins, food stuffs, and fecal matter from your large intestine, cleaning it out, freeing up your immune system to do its real work, and giving your body a fresh start.
  • Supplement with a probiotic like Eaze

Photo courtesy of flickr user tanjila