Ever wondered what a day is like in an acupuncture clinic in China?  Or just 3 minutes?  In this video, you’ll see the acupuncture doctor swiftly insert needles in 4 patients: 2 for knee pain, 1 for headache, and 1 for lumbar pain.  Notice his insertion and needling techniques, his bedside manner, and the speed with which he goes from 1 patient to the next.

[viddler id=6086ee5a&w=437&h=288]

You’ll also hear the background conversation discussing the how the girl’s headaches have improved with 1 just treatment of acupuncture. She used to take Western medicine everyday, but after just 1 acupuncture session she wasn’t taking any more pills.

The video was filmed in a community hospital in Hangzhou, China, at one of the centers for Internship Base of Overseas Students associated with ZCMU.