On our class field trip to the Chinese Medicine Museum on HeFang Street in downtown Hangzhou, ZJCMU professor Judy introduced a few ancient masters of TCM.

[00:00] –┬áHua Tuo – Late Eastern Han Dyansty – Outstanding medical expert

[00:33] – Zhang Zhongjing – Wrote Shang Han Za Bing Lun (Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases)

[00:47] – Lei Xiao (Lei Gong) – Northern and Southern Song Dynasty – Famous pharmocologist

[01:17] – Li Dongyuan – Focused on the importance of stomach and spleen, “school of strengthening the earth”

[01:54] – Zhu Danxi – Emphasized eliminating fire, “school of nourishing Yin”

[02:52] – Li Shizhen – Wrote Ben Cao Gang Mu (Compendium of Materia Medica)

[03:20] – Zhang Xueming – Qing Dynasty – While not one of the key figures in the overall development of TCM, he contributed to pharmacology knowledge, and is famous in Zhejiang province (where this video was made).

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