No time to workout? How about instead of checking FB / Instagram / Reddit so much… Or maybe while you’re watching TV or youtube

Can you find just 5-20 minutes?

Yup, that’s all that’s needed to have one of the toughest, highest fat-burning workouts, and with the bonus of mega caloric after-burn! Yup, you’ll keep your metabolic rate and calorie-burn rate high for up to a day afterward.

Pretty sweet, huh?

This workout is great for keeping in shape–both muscularly and cardiovascularly; it helps burn body fat, keeps hunger in check, aids weight loss, and boosts metabolic rate.

Tools needed:

  1. Interval Timer app for your smart phone (or any internet connected device). Set the timer for Tabata timing: 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds rest, repeated a total of 8 times.
  2. Your own two feet and two arms.

Seriously, that’s it. You don’t need weights, a workout mat, or even shoes, though it’s nice to have a mat or shoes. (Bare feet on a hard floor isn’t the most comfortable.)

It’s known as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and can be done at home, while traveling, and on busy days in nearly no time flat.

Watch this video to find out the moves and the rest of the details. And get ready to follow along at the end. We can do the first 5 minutes of the workout together!

Leave a comment — which is your favorite move when you’re doing HIIT? It could be one demonstrated here or another one altogether.

P.S. This video features yours-truly. How many other wellness tea companies do you see the founders/owners demonstrating workouts on their websites? Yup, we’re the real deal–we live what we teach.