Puerh Tea CakePu-erh (pu’er) Tea has a long and storied history, dating back centuries in modern-day Yunnan Province in China. This video reveals Pu-erh Tea cakes sent to the Forbidden City and given to the emperor in the 1700s.  Only the finest tea was given to the royal family, including the tea “golden melon” featured in the video.

Tracing the history back to yet earlier times, we discover the origin of the name “pu’er,” as well as how it evolved through the centuries.

Plus, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Pu’er area of Yunnan.

Part 1:

Truly, Pu-erh is a tea that gets better with age…

In Part 2, learn more about the fermentation process characteristic of pu-erh tea, storage, aging, as well as both traditional and modern processing methods. Find out why pu-erh tea is called the “Living Tea.”

What is the difference between raw and ripened, aged and young pu-erh tea? How does that affect the color, taste, and mouth feel? All that and more in this video.

Part 2: